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In what it is expressed

The person has to be appreciated as it is possible above in it kindly.In what it is expressed specifically, people argue on it infinitely, but for the tutor, for moral, one truth, one axiom which cannot neither be disproved is important for spiritually developed person, nor to prove, namely: between the good and evil there is a border.Kindly is a good, the evil is the evil, and between them there is a border.It is also called as the truth.Everything that is higher than this border, good, a glorification of the person.

Set the table

Also it is the most right way of education of call of duty.Life in the house has to go at perhaps high level of activity, activity, diligence.Set the table it has to be beautiful and convenient, study have to study, invite guests have to accept well them, clean the room it has to be really pure.Any business demands diligence and attention, and we, seniors, we put the diligence in any business and, involving children in work, we achieve a good result.But we do not calculate who how many made.

But what

It is excluded.The rage a dam gets in the way of communication.But what to do?The person feels like the loser, is offended on life, and the rage overflows his heart it seems to it that it just about will become torn as the bomb, and all will destroy around.But it has children It has to find in itselfhimself though some reserves of kindness, to collect it on remains, to express.How?In a voice.The first that the child, mothers voice, but not her words hears.

In this case

Often parents complain that children do not want to get up in the morning in any way and are late in school.In this case I recommend to accustom children to use an alarm clock.Sometimes parents oppose to this council, claiming that also the alarm clock cannot wake the child.However the paradox in that also consists that the same children easily waken in Saturday morning not to oversleep animated cartoons on the TV.And one more objection which I happened to hear from parents: Our children do not know yet how to define time on hours.


Who will correctly tell the end at the word, that and will be the good fellow.Carrots soch Nai, and a cucumber crackling shchiya.Repeat all word.How it is correctly to tell?Vacuum cleaner plastic or plastic?About what can tell the word the plastic?Whether correctly I told?What word should be replaced?The dog barks and to the house of strangers lets.Add a proper word.Squeeze a proper word.Prompt a word.

All feelings

But then at the same time also we will notice that in Russian the love is called as the word feeling.Speak: I have feelings for it, it does not cause any feelings in me, reciprocal feeling, huge feeling and it is possible not to add, which.All feelings the love or dislike, but the finest of them is called as feeling.At love the steps: interest, hobby, love, passion.And at dislike irritation, disgust, hatred, fear.It is possible to build such chains: INTEREST HOBBY LOVE PASSION ATTENTION IRRITATION DISGUST HATRED FEAR Everything begins with attention; then there is an interest or irritation, that is desire to get rid of a subject, of occupation, of the person.


Questionanswer.One child thinks out a question, and another answers.Buyer and seller.Dialogue of the seller and buyer.Conversation of birds in the winter.Throw, please, a little bit kernels.Oh, cold!Oh, hungrily!Very much pads freeze.Father Frost.Be played, blizzards, bend below, pines, firtrees!Everything that is in my wood, I will fill up everything, I will bring!Father Frost overslept in a bed, Rose, icicles ringing.

The more

they mine, I will not forget them.The happiness mechanism constantly induces the person to action that he did not calm down for a long time, did not fade.The more expressions, identical on sense, in language, the therefore more considerable in life the phenomenon described in these expressions.Listen: it was forgotten with happiness, it was lost with happiness, grew stupid with happiness, absolutely lost the head with happiness, the head began to spin with happiness, went with happiness, mad happiness crazy, and even will die of happiness, I will die of happiness, nearly died of happiness.

And the person

, it gives it food: the imagination restricts inquisitiveness why the nobility if it is possible to think up?, it forces it to work.In properties of imagination all talents are covered, it can be art, technical, musical, spatial.In that aspect of life also we will conduct our child, achieving one: that the imagination was active that it worked.And the person without imagination is awful.Of course, it can be kind and angry, destructive and creative; but, as a rule, the person with imagination is more located to people, than the one who is deprived of this gift.

Has to warn

House education is a task with three unknown from three, mathematics would not undertake it.A task with three unknown!Lets try to solve it as far as it is possible.Lets touch all three unknown sizes: chapter of the book is devoted to parents, the second to children, and the third, respectively, to the relations between parents and children.Has to warn that the book will seem to much too difficult, too philosophical.However it leaves at the end of the century; all readers, at all parents have a secondary education.

Her love

From such position of Mary after all left, but it is by no means not so far as we would like to think.Her love life the fear of pregnancy as she understands operates that the illegitimate child almost for certain will deprive of it any chances to catch the husband.Research of the suppressed sexual energy and its communication with human diseases one of important tasks todays and tomorrow.Our John Smith can die of an illness of kidneys, and Mary Smith from a cancer, and to none of them will not come to mind that the limited and suppressed emotional life somehow is connected with their diseases.

Show on a sound

Syllables ra, la, sha, ra, lu, ru, whether, ry.Find and postpone pictures in which names there is a sound r.Pictures are given on the subject Fruit.Define a sound position r in words a pear, a persimmon, pomegranate.Show on a sound ruler where there lives the sound r in the word a persimmon.Occupation Development of spatial perception Where you will go, what you will find?To the right I will go I will find an aspen mushroom, on the left I will go I will find a slippery jack.

An owl sovushka. Whether

To establish

I.Bogomolova To round lips to give the oval form.To open teeth at distance of , fingers.To establish language in the situation cups, without changing situation, to enter it into a mouth and to touch with the bent tip alveoluses.Statement of a sound l according to L.S.Volkova The model of pronouncing is shown by the logopedist.The child is offered to open slightly a mouth and to say a combination ya.Thus y it is said briefly with tension of bodies of an articulation.

He invites

They eat and in a refectory sit.And, mild, as all monakhiya, They are kind and beggars welcome.One monakhiya, having met the poor, Brought it waters from a spring.He invites him in a monastyriya Also treats very tasty.The poor was delighted so excessively, That soon became a monakhiya and.The teacher wrote on my leaflet: Templ, from the historical point of view everything is correct, but you do not maintain a poetic rhythm at all.

We speak

Ask: What to do?My such weakwilled!All dream of strongwilled children.As if in education as in medicine, there is on each illness the medicine: one from heart, another from the head Give me, please, something from the head, is asked in a drugstore.We speak about feeling: it is power of desire.And will?We often arrive besides the desire, contrary to the desire, against the will, submitting to foreign will.Or so we still speak: Forced effort of will itself As though two characters in each of us, as though desire mine, and will always alien to me, as if in the fairy tale: On pike command, on my volition Pike command is a conscious, intellectual desire, my volition is an unaccountable warm desire.

If it hurt

Consequences have to have a logical ratio with the childs mistake.If it contains things in a disorder, has to find time to be tidied up and put them in order.If it hurt someone, has to try to facilitate it.If it spoiled any thing, it needs to repair it or to indemnify loss in a different way.Logical consequences have to accustom the child to assume all responsibility for the acts, without forcing it to pay for this or that mistake thus.Logical consequences can be used even in amusing, playful, forms, keeping thus the valuable informative properties.

But after

Write how families because of life break up much, the love between the husband and the wife leaves.But after all the love of children too not of steel is made and not of reinforced concrete.Putting to bed the intolerable boy, it is possible and to begin to hate him.The Chekhovian girl nurse from the story There Is a Wish to Sleep strangled the masters child and right there fell asleep, but it after all the nurse, and present mother shouts: I will kill!I will strangle the hands!

The truth

Whether enough we are free to be objective?Foul language One of constant critical remarks to Sammerkhill consists that children swear there.That the truth, the truth they swear, if, of course, pronouncing ancient English words abuse.The truth and that any new pupil swears much more, than is necessary.Once at general meeting of school charges against the thirteenyearold girl who came to us from monastic school were brought.Charges consisted that she cries out son of a bitch when swims in the sea.

I am silent. It is impossible

Through an iced

Once, coming back after a dinner to itself to the room, I noticed the ladder leaned against a wall and, having climbed up on it, got to the viewing.Through an iced over window I looked in snow, windy night and understood that at last found a place where I will be able to remain alone with the thoughts and in the world with by itself.There I started thinking of the future that will be with me after leaving school.The wooden door conducting on a roof appeared for me a symbol of a step to the future.


The child cannot be rather free if hears how the father throws thunders and lightnings to some political groups, and mother shouts at servants.To make so that children did not apprehend our relation to life, it is almost impossible.Probability of that the son of the butcher will begin to preach vegetarianism, is insignificant if, of course, the fear of the power of the father does not lead it to such form of revolt.The nature of society is hostile to freedom.

Arrange festivals

Even if nobody will notice it, you by all means will have content in soul.Let it will be even any trifle: for example, to put flowers on a table or to curtail napkins unusually.To put a particle of own soul in each business it is real opportunity to feel confidence in the abilities.Arrange festivals of inspiration more often The festival of inspiration can be arranged behind a dining table, at family meeting, anywhere, in any place, at any time.It is fine opportunity to concentrate that we love in each other, but not that is not pleasant to us in acts of close people.

So education

Naturally, in obedience.That child is good which is obedient to parental will; that education is ideal at which ideally obedient children grow.So education turns into process of submission of the child.Parents achieve the power over it, and it own power over all situation.The worst begins that can only be in education: race for power.In a family where there is a dispute for the power, than it came to an end, this dispute and to that taught the child, it learn to argue for the power and only.

It is awfully

Any woman wants to look as it is possible better before the man whom she loves, any man wishes to look elegant, going on appointment to the girl, but the fetishism, the exaggerated visibility assessment in connection with a reality forbidenness would disappear.Sexually suppressed men would cease to stare at lingerie in showwindows of shops.It is awfully a pity that sexual interest is tired out in an underground.People indulge in the greatest pleasure in the world with sense of guilt.

Questions: Whether

Questions: Whether it is possible so to speak?Why it is impossible so to speak?What word approaches better?will promote assimilation by children of word compatibility.Phrases can consist of an adjective and a noun the green car, a curly lamb, a grandmothers shawl, a participle and a noun the jumping rider, a numeral and a noun five sheep, a verb and an adverb jumped high, runs quickly, a pronoun and a noun my pencil, my pencils, a verb and a pronoun saw it, saw it, saw them.

At one little

Other children and a wolf are sorry, then mother tells that the doctor came and sewed up to it a stomach.At one little boy, the pupil of Pavlyshsky school, arrested the father.Next day children began to tease the boy.His teacher, Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky, wrote then that only the moment was given it, but he found a way out: Who at Petrik the father?he asked.Glazier!And in prison too there are windows!Here the father Petrik was also carried to insert glasses in prison.

It appeared

It appeared later that the Gipsy has a belief of such force what did not dream the Catholic youth: the Gipsy believes in freedom, he even in prison is free, believes that the soul is free, and is ready for the sake of this belief to death and on tortures.But naive Dorvard is absolutely right in the amazement!Tribe which in anything does not trust, cannot really exist because and in former times, and to former, and at all times the soul without belief is dead, education without belief is impossible as the victory in the war without belief in a victory is impossible.

In offense

S.Makarenko writes: I started catching myself on desire that all offenses of colonists remained for me secret.In offense for me there was important not so much its contents, how many ignoring of requirements of collective.Offense, even the worst if it is known to nobody, further all the same will not have influence, all the same will die, strangled by new public skills.But the offense revealed had to cause my resistance, it has to accustom collective to resistance, it also was also my pedagogical bread.


Long and with various level of loudness pronouncing combinations of sounds: to an aauuuu, aaaiiiuuu, ohiiiaaauuu.Pronouncing consonants f, x, in process of emergence of sounds concordants with, z, are used, sh.Game exercises Lets warm handles the sound of hhhhh is said on an exhalation, The punctured ball sounds shshshsh or sss are said, Mosquitoes and komarik the sound zzzz is said, Big and little bugs the sound zhzhzhzh is said, Pump the sound ssss is said.The teacher should control duration and loudness of a pronunciation of sounds, smoothness of transition from one sound to another without air dobor between them.

And after

Teach children so that they thus did not suffer Keep in mind that it is necessary to approach a method of logical consequences with extra care.The logical consequence can work so on your child that will become for it severe punishment and consequently, will not bring desirable effect.And after all we often and arrive we do not watch a choice of words in communication with the child, in what tone they are said, and also behind what at us thus a look.It is quite difficult to avoid it because our actions are predetermined by blind belief that until the child suffers it will not be punished, he will learn nothing.

To lift

Angry bulldog.To delay down a lower lip, baring only the lower teeth.Wide pipe.The puppy saw here such wide pipe and decided to climb there.To close teeth, to extend lips a wide tubule.Exercises for language The uvula goes on a visit to a nose.To lift a wide tip of language to a nose and to close them an upper lip.Tasty watermelon.Ate a watermelon, we lick sponges.Language roundabouts on a surface of lips from left to right, and then on the contrary.

When the image

When the image of the Child is correct, and educational force is great, there are very good people.Healthy, it is moral beautiful, happy, natural.When the image of the Child is correct, and educational force is weak, it is more difficult to predict result, but probably everything will be good.When false, and the tutor has an image of the Child some force we will tell, a strength of mind, the result, most likely, will be bad.It is possible to hope only for beneficial influence of school or foreign people if those are sent by destiny.

It depends

The success in achievement of this purpose does not depend on our good intentions.It depends on how our child perceives himself and world around.This perception is also final determinant of all our interactions with it.Every time when you apply a reorientation method, ask yourself a question: How my child will apprehend it?WHAT DOES CHILDREN SUCH WHAT THEY ARE?All of us have some kind of prejudices, and it is very important that we have them.


Compound sentences.Compound sentences with the union and.Lana goes to school, and Is lovely in kindergarten.Mila tender, and Klava is more tender.Happens hot in the summer, and in the winter it is cold.Roma costs, and Ry sits.Complex sentences.Answers to questions: What for?Why the subject is necessary?For what?Why?Why Mischa did not go to the street?Because.That will be, if To think up a request, a wish, council.

Coexistence. Here

Whether the child

x Yes No Age of years.Happens, what the child is deaf to one sounds, but perceives others?x Yes, is deaf to loud sounds, but perceives the silent No, incorrectly Age of years.Whether the child of a hand keeps in strange situation?x Yes sometimes or often No Age of years.Whether the child long and rhythmically shakes for example, on a toy horse, in a kreslekachalka or on a swing, whether jumps up on cushions etc.x Yes, this typical behavior Seldom Never Age of years.


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