And after

And after Teach children so that they thus did not suffer Keep in mind that it is necessary to approach a method of logical consequences with extra care.

The logical consequence can work so on your child that will become for it severe punishment and consequently, will not bring desirable effect.

And after all we often and arrive we do not watch a choice of words in communication with the child, in what tone they are said, and also behind what at us thus a look.

It is quite difficult to avoid it because our actions are predetermined by blind belief that until the child suffers it will not be punished, he will learn nothing.

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To lift

To lift Angry bulldog.

To delay down a lower lip, baring only the lower teeth.

Wide pipe.

The puppy saw here such wide pipe and decided to climb there.

To close teeth, to extend lips a wide tubule.

Exercises for language The uvula goes on a visit to a nose.

To lift a wide tip of language to a nose and to close them an upper lip.

Tasty watermelon.

Ate a watermelon, we lick sponges.

Language roundabouts on a surface of lips from left to right, and then on the contrary.

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When the image

When the image When the image of the Child is correct, and educational force is great, there are very good people.

Healthy, it is moral beautiful, happy, natural.

When the image of the Child is correct, and educational force is weak, it is more difficult to predict result, but probably everything will be good.

When false, and the tutor has an image of the Child some force we will tell, a strength of mind, the result, most likely, will be bad.

It is possible to hope only for beneficial influence of school or foreign people if those are sent by destiny.

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It depends

It depends The success in achievement of this purpose does not depend on our good intentions.

It depends on how our child perceives himself and world around.

This perception is also final determinant of all our interactions with it.

Every time when you apply a reorientation method, ask yourself a question: How my child will apprehend it?


All of us have some kind of prejudices, and it is very important that we have them.

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Answers Compound sentences.

Compound sentences with the union and.

Lana goes to school, and Is lovely in kindergarten.

Mila tender, and Klava is more tender.

Happens hot in the summer, and in the winter it is cold.

Roma costs, and Ry sits.

Complex sentences.

Answers to questions: What for?

Why the subject is necessary?

For what?


Why Mischa did not go to the street?


That will be, if To think up a request, a wish, council.

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Coexistence. Here

Coexistence. Here For everyone and for all together.

One think as if it is possible to live without love and conscience; others speak: Love!

Only love!

; the third aspire to the truth, justice, conscience.

But in the Love and Conscience Rule the World offer the main word and.






Here the main nervous point of all moral life, here the uniform center of infinite number of the circles describing all our life, all our acts, all our relations in this small, as well as the point should be, and.

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