The truth

The truth Whether enough we are free to be objective?

Foul language One of constant critical remarks to Sammerkhill consists that children swear there.

That the truth, the truth they swear, if, of course, pronouncing ancient English words abuse.

The truth and that any new pupil swears much more, than is necessary.

Once at general meeting of school charges against the thirteenyearold girl who came to us from monastic school were brought.

Charges consisted that she cries out son of a bitch when swims in the sea.

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I am silent. It is impossible

I am silent. It is impossible However only he will calm down, I start sticking to him: and why here ice lies, and there everything thawed?

And why over trolleybus two wires, and over tram one?

He ridiculously shrugs shoulders, as the adult.

I am silent.

It is impossible to impose explanations.

Not that is important that the boy knew about trolleybuses, let and does not know.

The question birth is important.

At last asks quite inertly: And why two wires?

Well and well, that faded, and after all asked!

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Through an iced

Through an iced Once, coming back after a dinner to itself to the room, I noticed the ladder leaned against a wall and, having climbed up on it, got to the viewing.

Through an iced over window I looked in snow, windy night and understood that at last found a place where I will be able to remain alone with the thoughts and in the world with by itself.

There I started thinking of the future that will be with me after leaving school.

The wooden door conducting on a roof appeared for me a symbol of a step to the future.

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Probability The child cannot be rather free if hears how the father throws thunders and lightnings to some political groups, and mother shouts at servants.

To make so that children did not apprehend our relation to life, it is almost impossible.

Probability of that the son of the butcher will begin to preach vegetarianism, is insignificant if, of course, the fear of the power of the father does not lead it to such form of revolt.

The nature of society is hostile to freedom.

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Arrange festivals

Arrange festivals Even if nobody will notice it, you by all means will have content in soul.

Let it will be even any trifle: for example, to put flowers on a table or to curtail napkins unusually.

To put a particle of own soul in each business it is real opportunity to feel confidence in the abilities.

Arrange festivals of inspiration more often The festival of inspiration can be arranged behind a dining table, at family meeting, anywhere, in any place, at any time.

It is fine opportunity to concentrate that we love in each other, but not that is not pleasant to us in acts of close people.

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So education

So education Naturally, in obedience.

That child is good which is obedient to parental will; that education is ideal at which ideally obedient children grow.

So education turns into process of submission of the child.

Parents achieve the power over it, and it own power over all situation.

The worst begins that can only be in education: race for power.

In a family where there is a dispute for the power, than it came to an end, this dispute and to that taught the child, it learn to argue for the power and only.

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