An owl sovushka. Whether

An owl sovushka. Whether Articulation exercises to the discretion of the logopedist Development of coordinate activity of breath, fonation and articulation Conversation of an owl with owlets.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations of skoskuska, svasvysvusvo with different intonation terribly, tenderly, interrogatively, in the affirmative.

Lexical and grammatical tasks.

Automation of a sound in purely patters Tasks: Tell tenderly.

An owl sovushka.

Whether you know how call a baby bird of an owl?

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To establish

To establishI.

Bogomolova To round lips to give the oval form.

To open teeth at distance of , fingers.

To establish language in the situation cups, without changing situation, to enter it into a mouth and to touch with the bent tip alveoluses.

Statement of a sound l according to L.


Volkova The model of pronouncing is shown by the logopedist.

The child is offered to open slightly a mouth and to say a combination ya.

Thus y it is said briefly with tension of bodies of an articulation.

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He invites

He invites They eat and in a refectory sit.

And, mild, as all monakhiya, They are kind and beggars welcome.

One monakhiya, having met the poor, Brought it waters from a spring.

He invites him in a monastyriya Also treats very tasty.

The poor was delighted so excessively, That soon became a monakhiya and.

The teacher wrote on my leaflet: Templ, from the historical point of view everything is correct, but you do not maintain a poetic rhythm at all.

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We speak

We speak Ask: What to do?

My such weakwilled!

All dream of strongwilled children.

As if in education as in medicine, there is on each illness the medicine: one from heart, another from the head Give me, please, something from the head, is asked in a drugstore.

We speak about feeling: it is power of desire.

And will?

We often arrive besides the desire, contrary to the desire, against the will, submitting to foreign will.

Or so we still speak: Forced effort of will itself As though two characters in each of us, as though desire mine, and will always alien to me, as if in the fairy tale: On pike command, on my volition Pike command is a conscious, intellectual desire, my volition is an unaccountable warm desire.

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If it hurt

If it hurt Consequences have to have a logical ratio with the childs mistake.

If it contains things in a disorder, has to find time to be tidied up and put them in order.

If it hurt someone, has to try to facilitate it.

If it spoiled any thing, it needs to repair it or to indemnify loss in a different way.

Logical consequences have to accustom the child to assume all responsibility for the acts, without forcing it to pay for this or that mistake thus.

Logical consequences can be used even in amusing, playful, forms, keeping thus the valuable informative properties.

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But after

But after Write how families because of life break up much, the love between the husband and the wife leaves.

But after all the love of children too not of steel is made and not of reinforced concrete.

Putting to bed the intolerable boy, it is possible and to begin to hate him.

The Chekhovian girl nurse from the story There Is a Wish to Sleep strangled the masters child and right there fell asleep, but it after all the nurse, and present mother shouts: I will kill!

I will strangle the hands!

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