In what it is expressed

In what it is expressed The person has to be appreciated as it is possible above in it kindly.

In what it is expressed specifically, people argue on it infinitely, but for the tutor, for moral, one truth, one axiom which cannot neither be disproved is important for spiritually developed person, nor to prove, namely: between the good and evil there is a border.

Kindly is a good, the evil is the evil, and between them there is a border.

It is also called as the truth.

Everything that is higher than this border, good, a glorification of the person.

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Set the table

Set the table Also it is the most right way of education of call of duty.

Life in the house has to go at perhaps high level of activity, activity, diligence.

Set the table it has to be beautiful and convenient, study have to study, invite guests have to accept well them, clean the room it has to be really pure.

Any business demands diligence and attention, and we, seniors, we put the diligence in any business and, involving children in work, we achieve a good result.

But we do not calculate who how many made.

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But what

But what It is excluded.

The rage a dam gets in the way of communication.

But what to do?

The person feels like the loser, is offended on life, and the rage overflows his heart it seems to it that it just about will become torn as the bomb, and all will destroy around.

But it has children It has to find in itselfhimself though some reserves of kindness, to collect it on remains, to express.


In a voice.

The first that the child, mothers voice, but not her words hears.

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In this case

In this case Often parents complain that children do not want to get up in the morning in any way and are late in school.

In this case I recommend to accustom children to use an alarm clock.

Sometimes parents oppose to this council, claiming that also the alarm clock cannot wake the child.

However the paradox in that also consists that the same children easily waken in Saturday morning not to oversleep animated cartoons on the TV.

And one more objection which I happened to hear from parents: Our children do not know yet how to define time on hours.

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Squeeze Who will correctly tell the end at the word, that and will be the good fellow.

Carrots soch Nai, and a cucumber crackling shchiya.

Repeat all word.

How it is correctly to tell?

Vacuum cleaner plastic or plastic?

About what can tell the word the plastic?

Whether correctly I told?

What word should be replaced?

The dog barks and to the house of strangers lets.

Add a proper word.

Squeeze a proper word.

Prompt a word.

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All feelings

All feelings But then at the same time also we will notice that in Russian the love is called as the word feeling.

Speak: I have feelings for it, it does not cause any feelings in me, reciprocal feeling, huge feeling and it is possible not to add, which.

All feelings the love or dislike, but the finest of them is called as feeling.

At love the steps: interest, hobby, love, passion.

And at dislike irritation, disgust, hatred, fear.

It is possible to build such chains: INTEREST HOBBY LOVE PASSION ATTENTION IRRITATION DISGUST HATRED FEAR Everything begins with attention; then there is an interest or irritation, that is desire to get rid of a subject, of occupation, of the person.

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