Probability The child cannot be rather free if hears how the father throws thunders and lightnings to some political groups, and mother shouts at servants.

To make so that children did not apprehend our relation to life, it is almost impossible.

Probability of that the son of the butcher will begin to preach vegetarianism, is insignificant if, of course, the fear of the power of the father does not lead it to such form of revolt.

The nature of society is hostile to freedom.

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Arrange festivals

Arrange festivals Even if nobody will notice it, you by all means will have content in soul.

Let it will be even any trifle: for example, to put flowers on a table or to curtail napkins unusually.

To put a particle of own soul in each business it is real opportunity to feel confidence in the abilities.

Arrange festivals of inspiration more often The festival of inspiration can be arranged behind a dining table, at family meeting, anywhere, in any place, at any time.

It is fine opportunity to concentrate that we love in each other, but not that is not pleasant to us in acts of close people.

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So education

So education Naturally, in obedience.

That child is good which is obedient to parental will; that education is ideal at which ideally obedient children grow.

So education turns into process of submission of the child.

Parents achieve the power over it, and it own power over all situation.

The worst begins that can only be in education: race for power.

In a family where there is a dispute for the power, than it came to an end, this dispute and to that taught the child, it learn to argue for the power and only.

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It is awfully

It is awfully Any woman wants to look as it is possible better before the man whom she loves, any man wishes to look elegant, going on appointment to the girl, but the fetishism, the exaggerated visibility assessment in connection with a reality forbidenness would disappear.

Sexually suppressed men would cease to stare at lingerie in showwindows of shops.

It is awfully a pity that sexual interest is tired out in an underground.

People indulge in the greatest pleasure in the world with sense of guilt.

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Questions: Whether

Questions: Whether Questions: Whether it is possible so to speak?

Why it is impossible so to speak?

What word approaches better?

will promote assimilation by children of word compatibility.

Phrases can consist of an adjective and a noun the green car, a curly lamb, a grandmothers shawl, a participle and a noun the jumping rider, a numeral and a noun five sheep, a verb and an adverb jumped high, runs quickly, a pronoun and a noun my pencil, my pencils, a verb and a pronoun saw it, saw it, saw them.

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At one little

At one little Other children and a wolf are sorry, then mother tells that the doctor came and sewed up to it a stomach.

At one little boy, the pupil of Pavlyshsky school, arrested the father.

Next day children began to tease the boy.

His teacher, Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky, wrote then that only the moment was given it, but he found a way out: Who at Petrik the father?

he asked.


And in prison too there are windows!

Here the father Petrik was also carried to insert glasses in prison.

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It appeared

It appeared It appeared later that the Gipsy has a belief of such force what did not dream the Catholic youth: the Gipsy believes in freedom, he even in prison is free, believes that the soul is free, and is ready for the sake of this belief to death and on tortures.

But naive Dorvard is absolutely right in the amazement!

Tribe which in anything does not trust, cannot really exist because and in former times, and to former, and at all times the soul without belief is dead, education without belief is impossible as the victory in the war without belief in a victory is impossible.

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