The more

The more they mine, I will not forget them.

The happiness mechanism constantly induces the person to action that he did not calm down for a long time, did not fade.

The more expressions, identical on sense, in language, the therefore more considerable in life the phenomenon described in these expressions.

Listen: it was forgotten with happiness, it was lost with happiness, grew stupid with happiness, absolutely lost the head with happiness, the head began to spin with happiness, went with happiness, mad happiness crazy, and even will die of happiness, I will die of happiness, nearly died of happiness.

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And the person

And the person, it gives it food: the imagination restricts inquisitiveness why the nobility if it is possible to think up?

, it forces it to work.

In properties of imagination all talents are covered, it can be art, technical, musical, spatial.

In that aspect of life also we will conduct our child, achieving one: that the imagination was active that it worked.

And the person without imagination is awful.

Of course, it can be kind and angry, destructive and creative; but, as a rule, the person with imagination is more located to people, than the one who is deprived of this gift.

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Has to warn

Has to warn House education is a task with three unknown from three, mathematics would not undertake it.

A task with three unknown!

Lets try to solve it as far as it is possible.

Lets touch all three unknown sizes: chapter of the book is devoted to parents, the second to children, and the third, respectively, to the relations between parents and children.

Has to warn that the book will seem to much too difficult, too philosophical.

However it leaves at the end of the century; all readers, at all parents have a secondary education.

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Her love

Her love From such position of Mary after all left, but it is by no means not so far as we would like to think.

Her love life the fear of pregnancy as she understands operates that the illegitimate child almost for certain will deprive of it any chances to catch the husband.

Research of the suppressed sexual energy and its communication with human diseases one of important tasks todays and tomorrow.

Our John Smith can die of an illness of kidneys, and Mary Smith from a cancer, and to none of them will not come to mind that the limited and suppressed emotional life somehow is connected with their diseases.

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Show on a sound

Show on a sound Syllables ra, la, sha, ra, lu, ru, whether, ry.

Find and postpone pictures in which names there is a sound r.

Pictures are given on the subject Fruit.

Define a sound position r in words a pear, a persimmon, pomegranate.

Show on a sound ruler where there lives the sound r in the word a persimmon.

Occupation Development of spatial perception Where you will go, what you will find?

To the right I will go I will find an aspen mushroom, on the left I will go I will find a slippery jack.

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An owl sovushka. Whether

An owl sovushka. Whether Articulation exercises to the discretion of the logopedist Development of coordinate activity of breath, fonation and articulation Conversation of an owl with owlets.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations of skoskuska, svasvysvusvo with different intonation terribly, tenderly, interrogatively, in the affirmative.

Lexical and grammatical tasks.

Automation of a sound in purely patters Tasks: Tell tenderly.

An owl sovushka.

Whether you know how call a baby bird of an owl?

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To establish

To establishI.

Bogomolova To round lips to give the oval form.

To open teeth at distance of , fingers.

To establish language in the situation cups, without changing situation, to enter it into a mouth and to touch with the bent tip alveoluses.

Statement of a sound l according to L.


Volkova The model of pronouncing is shown by the logopedist.

The child is offered to open slightly a mouth and to say a combination ya.

Thus y it is said briefly with tension of bodies of an articulation.

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